Thursday, 6 March 2014

Gins Task 4 Word Art

I decided to choose this quote from my book (Our Voice.  The Children of Masoyi) because it really shows the motivation and resilience that each child has.  Every child goes through a tough obstacle/challenge in their life in this book, some family members leave them, pass away or get very ill. Even with all the challenges and obstacles, each child finds away to still chase there dreams.  Especially Xolani Happy Mashego.  I believe staying hopeful and motivated with a positive attitude is a very important thing to do in your life no matter the situation.  Challenges will arise but depending on how you look at it, they can be overcome.  It is easier said then done but the children in this book definitely showed it can be done.  I believe that this quote is the strongest in the book and definitely shows his motivation.

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