Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS Post #7, Free Write

In this entry we were told to show empathy for the main characters in the story we read.  We free wrote  acting like we were the character.  Keep in mind this is a free write, it was not edited.  All I did was try and throw out as much information as I could about this story.  Enjoy.

I aspire to be a teacher in my future.  Challenges do come in to my goals and my dreams but I try to fight through them no matter how hard it is.  I was born in a poor family.  My family consists of my mother, father and little brother.  Every day we had just enough to feed the family but it was hard to get access to water.  The times when my father and my mother were there for me things were much easier, all I had to worry about was helping around the house and doing the best I can in my homework so I can reach my goals and dreams.  Once I was 11 things got tougher.  In Masoyi, we have a high population of people that are diagnosed with AIDS (HIV).  Unfortunately my mother and father were victims to this.  Once I found out that my parents were gone I cried and cried. I almost had no hope in my future.  I did know that challenges would come up but not this great.  I realized that I had to take care of my little brother, get food for both of us, take care of the house, do my school work and especially, be the leader in the house.  I was not ready for this type of responsibility and I was panicking.  After a couple of years I started to get the hang of it.  I really cared for my brother which is why I was so motivated to get through the challenge.  I am now in grade 10 and my little brother is in grade 6.  

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