Tuesday, 21 January 2014

GINS Post #6

In class, In a group of 4 we had to quickly develop a world charter.  My group thought it would be a good idea to label the sub sections of the charter just like Canada's.  It was a good way to wrap our head around the assignment and find new ideas.  Below is our quick charter for the globe.

Fundamental Human and Animal Freedoms:
  • The right to life, liberty and happiness
  • To not be treated cruelly
  • To be given a fair trial with fair treatment
  • To receive support from others

Religious Freedoms:
  • Freedom to your own religion

Environmental Freedoms:
  • Freedom to clean air
  • Freedom to clean water

Political Rights for citizens:
  • Right to choose your government in a democratic society
  • Right to express your own voice to and in the government

Language Rights:
  • A language used daily from a population occupying 35%  or over will be a dominant language (official)
  • An english for it is the national language of business

Mobility Rights:
  • The right to leave enter or leave any country with no government to stop them
  • Work visa is required if you are not a citizen of that country or live in the country for at least

Equality Freedoms:
  • To be be free of discrimination from everyone including higher authority

Government Responsibilities:
  • Respect citizens views and opinions
  • Give what the people want

Our group had many disagreements but most were minor.  We were deadlocked between thinking that one was a freedom and another was a right.  Another setback we had was coming up with ways to come up with our subsections.  My GINS book has citizens caring for each other and helping one another no matter who they are and what they are going through.  Because of that, I thought that equality rights should definitely be apart of the charter.  Not only is equality going on in Masoyi but in almost every country in the world.  A lot of people are religious in my book.  Whenever they are in a need support from their struggles, they pray to whoever their god is.  The freedom to believe in whichever  religion is yours is also apart of our charter.  We did not have much troubles with coming up with religion freedoms.

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