Wednesday, 8 January 2014

GINS Post #5

Right now in class we are studying the Canadian Charter of Rights of Freedoms.  Since my book has taken place in Masoyi, South Africa, I thought I would look to see if they have any document similar.

South Africa has the South African Charter of Religious Rights.  In South Africa every person has the right to religion.  They can practice which ever religion they want.  They also say that no person should be discriminated in any way for their religion.  Each person is South Africa has the right to privacy.  That means that they have the right not to have their home searched, their property searched, their possessions seized, and the property of their communications infringed.  Everybody has the right to equality.  No person can be treated unfairly based on race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, martial status, age disability, religion, colour belief etc.  Also every citizen has the right to basic education.

This document has very similar rights compared to Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  I think that South Africa would not be too different from what it is now.  Sure there are more laws based on the culture of their community that are different than Canada's but the main laws that have a bigger effect on the community there are very similar.  In Masoyi some of the laws above are barely met because of the economy there.  I think that if the small towns economy improved, the laws would be met especially the right to basic education.


  1. It sounds as if South Africa is influenced very heavily on Religion judging by the fact that their charter is solely about just that. Why is their charter so heavily dependant on religion when the charter's or constitution's do include it, but not as much as this one? What's the reasoning?

  2. I completely agree with you that it wont change drastically! New laws are not going to do anything, we need new leaders and new ideas! Its interesting to see how many countries have 'basic education' as a right, but then see how many girls actually attend school! Your blog looks great Aman :) keep it up!

  3. Like Luke, I find that it is very interesting that religion has a major influence on South Africa. I wonder if anything would be different for an individual if they were Atheist (No religion). It would be interesting if some laws didn't apply because of this. Anyways I really enjoyed reading your blog, nice work Aman!

  4. You know what's funny, that, that document you described sounds better to me then the American constitution. If you go onto my blog you will find more about that. As for the fact that the African economy and lifestyle is low, I think that is because a constitution that is not enforced or really followed won't do anything. I think it is great that they are trying to do this, but it seems they are more like goals for the future instead of something they will do consistently right now. Great posts Aman your book seems very interesting. I was wondering if there were any major differences to the South African Charter of Religious Rights to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Good Job!

  5. Hey Aman,
    So I would like to start off by talking about your first post. The questions that you asked were actually incredibly similar to my own, except that my novel took place in Afghanistan. Surprising isn’t it? Since we live in Canada, we are almost fully shielded from the problems that millions of people face everyday. As I was reading your post, I began to wonder, what would you do if you were placed in that kind of environment? In fact, what would any of us really do if we were forced to live even a single day in the life of a kid from a developing country? Another thing I would like to say is, what does it say about South Africa’s health care system if they got something as important as someone’s birthday mixed up? After this I would like to jump right into this post. You talked about the similarities between the Canadian Charter and South Africa’s Charter. Namely the similarities between Legal and Equality Rights. Something that you could have explored is, what are some of the major differences between the Canadian Charter and South Africa’s Charter? Also how do you think that the country of South Africa would be different if they were to enforce their charter the way that Canada’s is? Overall Great Job!