Thursday, 21 November 2013

GINS and Consumerism Mashup

Im reading a book called “Our Voice.  Children of Masoyi.”  In this post, I am going to connect the book to the concepts we are studying about consumerism and economics.  My book takes place in Masoyi which is a small tribal community in South Africa.  

Masoyi and Canada are very two very different places.  In Masoyi citizens have to live with the very limited supply of materials and goods they have yet with Canada, it feels like you have an unlimited supply of them.  Masoyi is its own tribal community but is part of South Africa’s economy.  Everybody thinks that consumerism is eating away our lives, but in Masoyi it is just helping them survive.  Masoyi can only get the essentials because of how poor everybody is there.  For example, if we use Maslows Hierarchy to try and show how each place as a whole consumes, Masoyi would be in the Physiological side of it, which is way at the bottom.  

South Africa in general has a pretty good economy.  So how did Masoyi become so poor?  Since Masoyi is a tribal community, it is very isolated from South Africa.  Because of that the effect just started to kick in and the main issue in Masoyi became poverty and sickness.  

I find it amazing how two separate nations consumer identities can be so different.  There are some people out there who are praying to get some food and clothing, yet others are praying to get the new PS4.  

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