Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Sea Devil and Whale Story excerpt

Hey guys!  I just got back from an awesome 6 day trip in Bamfield (in Vancouver Island).  I will talk about both pieces that we read but first:  The Sea Devil.

The Sea Devil:

I thought that the story started off very slow and calm then naturally picked up.  I believe that the deciding moment for the fisherman to cast a lone was when the mullet jumped out of the water.  He was pressured and determined to go casting.  I am a fan about how the author mentions the tiele in the story as a powerful name.  I think that will start to get readers more and more engaged.  I did think that the exposition was really slow and may lose readers because of how calm and downtempo it was.  I believe the theme of this book is "there is always consequences to actions."  He was self pressured into doing something dangerous.  I do wonder why the author did not give the fisherman a name.  Maybe its  so the reader takes the story as a life lesson instead of entertainment.  Also she may not have wanted to have the story revolve around the man and instead the situation.  Since the story started off so slow I found the story very tough to keep track to.

Whale Story excerpt:

This chapter was definitely the excerpt of the book because it was so slow and informative.  The author was introducing the location they were about to live in and the action took a high rise in the last sentence.  I think that this book would be more of a mystery/horror book than an action book because judging from the last couple lines in the chapter I think the author could take a huge turn in events and give the reader a lot more hooks if it is a mystery book.  Since the author said the house they were moving into was used It makes me wonder if the house is haunted.  If it is true the situation would definitely fit in the mystery genre.  I am sure that after the chapter I read the book gets a lot more intriguing and exciting.  Maybe the creature that was in the water would interfere with the studies that the father is doing about whales?  Im not sure but I do know that the action is rising very quickly in the book.

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