Friday, 25 October 2013

First GINS Post

We have started a novel study about Global Issues.  The book I chose to read is called "Our Voice: Children of Masoyi" by Laura Pope.

The main issue I believe is the fact that each and every one of the kids in the novel has a troubling past.  Most of the issues so far are related to family, illness, death, etc.  Yet the kids still manage to keep their dreams and goals alive which I find phenomenal.

The reason why I chose this book is because my parents are from Africa, so I am interested to learn about what the culture, people, and relationships are like over there.  Then again, Kenya, Tanzania and Masoyi are 3 different places; however, I believe that some of the culture may be similar as it can transfer on to other countries as people travel from one place to another.

I already knew that there were some issues in Africa, especially limited access to clean water, poverty, political unrest, etc.  One thing I noticed was the type of punishment that kids get over there is a lot different than here in Canada.  We would call it child abuse.  As an example, kids get spanked for skipping school.  I could not imagine living in that enviornment.  Every kid in the book believes they will make a difference in the world, even with the number of struggles they encounter and deal with.  I find it inspirational how each and every child is able to remain focussed on their main goals regardless of the challenges they face.  This book helps raise awareness about the pain and struggle in the community.

Some of the questions I had as I started reading the book were, how are these kids able to deal with all their difficulties?  Where do they find the inner strength to cope?  How are they able to persevere?

The people introduced so far in the book are Stanford Mduduzi Mdluili, Lorraine Sesinyana Mlombo, Ronny Sidell, Fortune Masuku, Bongani Nyapele, and Themba Sibiya.  They range from 18-20 years old.  Some of the kids do not know their exact age, like Stanford Mduduzi Mdluili.  His birth certificate states he is born on the 16th of February, but his mother told him that he was born on the 14th of July.  I am excited to learn more about the children in Masoyi.

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