Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Setting of The House of The Scorpion

Hello this is my 3rd individual post on The House of the Scorpion.  I will be focusing on the setting of the book in this blog post.  The House of The Scorpion is based in Aztlán which was called Mexico before.  It is in the futuristic time period.  I believe that it is 200-300 years after 2013 because they have cloning and hovercrafts yet they still stick with there old culture.  Plus one of the biggest hints in the book that says it is in the future is when Nancy Farmer says "He rambld on about his youth in Aztlán.  It was called Mexico when he was a boy, he said."  For example I imagined the Little House in the Poppy Fields as an old dirty house yet later on in the book you find out that they had hovercrafts flying around.  Then again this could have been as far along in the future as you want maybe their technology advanced but their culture remained what it was, but I imagined it as 200-300 years after 2013.  This story I believe is told through Matt's eyes.  Even though it is not Matt writing the story Matt is the main character and I imagine it as Matt having his own personal Narrator that follows him around and tells the story.  I believe it is told that way because he is the main character of the book.
I think it was easier to find out the location that the book was based in rather than the time because literally told us they were in Mexico yet she never said what time period.  I think Nancy Farmer wanted us to make questions about what time period the book was based in.  But that's my opinion.  Thank you for reading my third blog post!

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