Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Real World Issues In The House of the Scorpion

Hello my name is Aman Kurji and this is my 5th blog post and it is about Real World Issues in the novel House of the Scorpion.

Coyotes and people jumping the border:

In the book coyotes were people who allegedly help others who wanted to get across the border illegally.  This still happens today.  A lot of people try to get across the border illegally without a passport whether it be swimming across, or running across.  Most people try to get around the United States of Americas border control and get into the country, especially when they are about to have a baby and they live in a poor country.  They want to provide a good education and a good land for there baby.


Now there hasn't been any stories about cloning but there have been stories about bringing back  extinct animals, and they do say it is possible.  Watch this video done by a youtube channel called Sourced which shows how it could happen.  
Who knows maybe in the near future this could be happening.


In the book there is a clone named Matt.  He is a clone of a man named El Patron.  Most people think of Matt as an animal and its only because he is a clone.  Some characters believe Matt is not an animal instead they believe that he is a human.  For example some characters that believe that are Maria, Celia, and Tam Lin.  This is very similar to the discrimination that is going on in our world right now.  It could be because they are a different race, gender, colour etc.  Some people believe other people are like animals because of their race.  They think the same way that most characters thought about Matt.

These are the real world applications that came up in my mind while reading this book.  I think most of these are relevant and relate to the book.  Thank you for reading my fifth blog post about the Real World Issues in the novel The House of the Scorpion

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