Sunday, 12 May 2013

House of the Scorpion Film Study

Hello My name is Aman Kurji and this is my seventh blog post and it will be about the main character in the film Gattaca and how he relates to the main character in the House of the Scorpion.  The two main characters in the book and in the movie are named Matt and Vincent.  Vincent is in the movie Gattaca and Matt is in the novel The House of the Scorpion.

Vincent was a curious person who would do anything to get into space.  He lived in a good house with 2 parents who found out that he has 30 years in his life.  Matt at the beginning of the novel lived in a little shack in the poppy fields with a guardian named Celia.  Matt thought of her as a mother.  Later on he then got in a room that was basically a prison.  The "keeper" was named Rosa.  After he got into the Big house where he finds out that he is a clone to a man named El Patron.  Vincent had a brother who he always had competitions with and lost most of the time.  I think Matt was lucky enough not to be born with a brother, but to not have a brother that makes you do the riskiest things to prove a point.  Almost everyone in the big house were making sure that Matt was OK and as healthy and safe as he could be.  Vincent had the same thing except he only had his parents, and his parents were not taking care of him so they could get a transplant,  unlike El Patron in the novel.

I think the characters are both unique and went through a lot of different things in the movie and novel. They both are related to cloning whether someone changes his identity to get into space,  or someone is taking such good care of just so they can use his kidneys.  This was my seventh blog post about House of the Scorpion, thank you for reading.

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