Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Thoughts So Far

During the first chapter I was basically just asking is Matt a clone?  Hints were given and apparently it said so in the summary which I did not read.  When they find out he is a clone by looking at his foot they think of him as a nasty person.  That resulted in me wondering why they are treated so badly.  They are not respected in the book and I was confused about that.  Also they say that Matt doesn't grow hair but later on Rosa cuts his hair...  I don't know how that works.  At about section 6 of the book was where I got very curious.  They mention a lot of new information in that section.  The first question that I asked was does El Patron own Matt.  First El Patron starts calling Matt mi vida and then he clearly states that "He's my clone."  If it is true then they have to be creating a younger version of El Patron.  While El Patron is talking to Matt, he mentions that he has the same name as him.  The same and last.  Is El Patron some leader of a group and wants Matt to take over in about 10 years, or maybe somehow they will transfer bodies so El Patron can live on longer?  I don't know but it if story somehow goes on like that it will start to get very interesting.  The most thing I was curious about when El Patron rambled on about his early life in Aztl'an yet it says after that it was called Mexico before...  Mexico!  Is this book in the future?  I would think that this book was based in the past because I imagined Matts house as a messy place.  Maybe it was based in the past but with a few alters.  For example the house sounded like an older house you would see but they had cloning then.  The when part of the 5 w's is a tough one.  Im a bit hesitant of when it was but I would say that it was in the past with an alter or two.

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