Monday, 4 February 2013


“The theme that was expressed to me through this narrative was that death should never interfere with success” is the only thing that Sanchit and I could not agree on.  I thought the theme of the book was, "Believe in yourself".  The reason is because he didn’t believe he had the ability nor the courage to be a spy, yet he ended up dominating his mission.  It shows that nothing is impossible if you try.  Sanchit also said that, “This book targets readers who love action books and will be in extreme suspicion to see what happens next.”  I definitely agree with that.  The young readers who like action/adventure books will love the book because it has a feel of suspension in every chapter.  “Anthony Horowitz uses creativity in his writing, adding more of a message in each novel.”  I would definitely agree with that because when I was reading the book, there were hardly any words I that I did not know the definition to.  I could tell that Anthony Horowitz has a way of communicating with his readers.  Lastly Sanchit stated “This book made me to put myself in Alex’s shoes and experience what he was experiencing at times.”  I felt like I was one of the characters in the book and that I was experiencing the story along with Alex when I was reading this book.  When Alex was in trouble I would feel nervous for him because I was so engaged in the book. 

One of the things I loved was the number of cliffhangers Anthony Horowitz puts in the book.  At the end of every chapter, Anthony Horowitz puts one or two cliffhangers.  Sometimes it is a small cliffhanger and other times it is a huge cliffhanger.   Either way he leaves you hanging and you want to just keep reading and reading until midnight.  In my opinion, Alex Rider would be a round/dynamic character because you discover more and more about Alex’s emotions and courage in the book.  At first he is just a normal school boy, however,  near the middle of the book he is a dominating spy trying to save the world.  Since Anthony Horowitz writes so well I could feel Alex’s sense of revenge.  In the beginning of the book, Alex Rider's uncle dies. Alex always thought his uncle was a worker at a bank but he then discovers that he was a spy, and was training Alex to be a spy too.  When Alex was trying to accomplish his mission, you could feel the sense of motivation he had to keep going and accomplish it.  One of the things I have mixed feelings about is I felt that the climax could have come sooner.  I felt like the whole book was rising action and the last 10-11 pages near the end was the climax.  I don’t know if I like that or if I don’t.  In a way, I like that because it keeps building your suspense level like a skyscraper, yet sometimes you get so bored of not getting to the best part that you feel like putting the book away.

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