Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Point Blank

Sanchit said that  “Alex would be considered a round character as when you were reading about him you figured out his bravery, emotions, facial features and knew that he was the protagonist. The antagonist was the evil villain in this book”.  I definitely agree with that statement.  You could also see his courage, skill, sense of revenge and emotions. Sanchit also said that he thought the story was very interesting.  I disagree with that because it did not leave me hanging too much.  Sure there were some cliffhangers that sometimes made me curious about what would happen next, but there were 3 chapters in a row that just had conversations in them without much action which made it boring.  In fact Sanchit said that he wanted more action and I definitely agree.  The action in the book always made me read a lot more than I would have otherwise.  The story was playing like a movie in my brain.  But in the chapters where they just talked, it only felt like boring words going into my brain and going right out.

At the school where Alex was sent for his mission, there were boys who had been expelled from their previous school.  I noticed that in the book, the boys were well behaved.  And I mean VERY well behaved.  The way they spoke and acted surprised me.  I imagined them as “normal” school boys the way they acted and spoke.  The gadgets Alex Rider used in the book were a disappointing aspect in my opinion.  They were not too creative.  An example of one of the gadgets used in the book is, there was a modified version of a disk player, except, when you press the fast forward button 3 times in a row, the agent headquarters (M16) would know that you are in danger and need to get out of the facility.  I feel like you could switch that into an iPod, laptop, X-Box, and a PS3 controller.  I wish they had been more imaginative and unique. I thought the plot of the book would have been way better if they had been more creative. It is just a way for the author to get away with "lazy writing".  There was not much humor in the book either.  I know it is an action packed, suspenseful book. However, usually in every book/movie, there is at least 1 joke, but I did not see any of that in this book.    It is easy to tell this book is meant for teens because since Alex Rider is a teen himself, other teenagers would feel somewhat connected to him.  Also the language in the book was definitely at a teen level.  That is why I would recommend it to more teens and older kids.  I would give this book a 7/10.  

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  1. Aman, I like how when in your first paragraph you start with positives and what you agreed with in Sanchit's review and then you move into the negatives and then back to the positives (It's always good to end on a positive note!), Your word choice was phenomenal, it was so you it's like I could hear you reading it to me as I was reading it (Excellent connection to the reader). Moving into your personal review you jump straight into what's happening, where he is, and what he has found to be suspicious. As I read into your review you didn't really have much to say that was positive and it kinda pushed me away from the review. I do enjoy your suggestions for what could be changed like maybe making the gadgets more modern and less inconspicuous. The thing I absolutely love about your review is the description, it is at the level that you get a detailed idea of the plot but there wasn't a single spoiler (AWESOME!)

    Great Job!!!

    Logan :)