Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Book To Film Adaptions (Stormbreaker)


The movie Stormbreaker is based on the Alex Rider series.  It was released on July 21, 2006 and made approximately 0.6 million dollars.


The book Stormbreaker is only 1 of the 9 Alex Rider books.  It was released in 2000 and was published by Walker Books. 

After I watched the movie and read the book, I did find some differences but not too many.  Even though there were not too many differences, they were BIG differences   Most of the differences are near the climax so…



In the movie, there is one extra fight between Alex’s guardian and Sayle Enterprises' worker Nadia Vole which was not included in the book.  I think that this fight in the movie started the rising action.  That is when Nadia Vole got suspicious and started to wonder if Alex was faking his identity, which started the whole drama.  Also in the movie as well as the book, Alex has a friend called Sabina Pleasure.  She was involved in helping Alex accomplish his mission in the movie.  In the book, she was not involved at all.  She was a part of the story near the beginning of the book, but near the rising action and climax there was hardly any mention of her.  I understand that you can't keep the whole story the same when you are making a movie based on a novel, but I don’t like how they took out an important part of the book and replaced it with a fight that did not mean much.  In adition, I have never seen a movie based on a novel change the best part of the book (climax) with a different character or different climax in general.  On the positive side, in the book there is also a HUGE fish tank that carries a rare jellyfish, and I think that the movie did that very well.  Sure you can’t have a room sized fish tank in a movie but it was relatively big, considering the jellyfish’s size.  Also, I think that the characters in the movie were represented quite well.

In conclusion, I think that the book had a better storyline, but I think that the movie had a lot more action.  I did not like the movie nearly as much as the book though because in my opinion, I think the storyline is more important than action.  Anthony Horowitz was quoted saying,  “the movie was a mistake” after only making $0.6 million dollars in the United States box office.  I think the book had a better storyline because it filled in the empty gaps/holes the movie had.  The movie reminded me of a Disney Channel movie or Agent Cody Banks, in my opinion, the movie would only be interesting for 8-10 year olds, yet the book would be interesting for 11-14 year olds.


  1. Great job, it looks like you spent lots of time on this.

  2. A-man Reading, Great name! I can clearly see that you are into these books, as I look and see your blog. The choice to actually get an opinion from another person (from Sanchit in your stormbreaker review) was a great choice, as it enhances your review thoroughly. I also love how you declared where the rising action and plot started, as you clearly looked in depth to the details of this book. One thing that you could improve on, is explaining your ideas a bit more, even though the evidence is clearly there. Overall good job!

  3. HI Aman,
    Sweet review/comparison, tons of detail through out! I just wanted to confirm that the Huge fish tank was not a metaphor because the way I read it, it was like the tank was the story with the jelly fish being the action. Do you know if they made a profit from the movie? If the climax was different wouldn't that make it a completely different story, what do you think?