Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pendragon Book #3 The Never War

The Never War Book Review

After searching for The Lost City of Faar, Bobby Pendragon and Spader go to First Earth, while Bobby's two best friends, Mark and Courtney, read his journals.  First Earth is New York but in 1937.  In 1937 there were gangsters, more subway stations were running, and the culture was different.  In First Earth, they meet another traveller who's name is Gunny.  They soon learn that Bobby's nemesis, Saint Dane, is at it again. Bobby, Spader and Gunny get into some trouble with gangsters.  In order to keep New York existing in the past, present and future, they must keep history they way it was meant to be.

This book is the third in the Pendragon Series.  Bobby is an adventurous, dynamic character who is willing to take risks to help others.  Spader is an enthusiastic foil boy from the territory called Cloral.  Gunny is a self controlled character who works as a bell hop in the Manhattan Tower Hotel.  I think Gunny and Uncle Press have a very similar personality because they can both stay calm during a crisis.   This book has a lot of cliff hangers and relation to history which I love.  My opinion is that this is the best book from the series so far.  D.J. Machale is the author of this book and I think the way he sets up the cliffhangers is marvellous.  That is what I find keeps people hooked to the books.  I believe book three of the ten book series has more action and adventure then book 1 and 2.  I think people my age and older would love these books.  Kids my age, especially love books with action and adventure in them.  The feeling I had most of the time in the book was suspense.  Since D.J. Machale is fantastic at creating the cliffhangers in the book, I was hooked from beginning to end.  This book had a great way to relating the book to 1937 New York history which I found very interesting and entertaining.  Overall this book is intense.  The Never War is full of cliffhangers, suspense, action, and intensity.  I would recommend this book to everyone age thirteen and up.


  1. Hey Aman,

    I really like your critique because you used great word choice, that draws the reader in. Based on the character that you have described, he sounds a lot like Percy Jackson. If you liked this book, I would definitely recommend The Percy Jackson series. I'll definitely add this to my book series if you add Percy Jackson to yours. Anyways, good job! :D

  2. I really liked the detail and word choices you used to draw in the readers attention. Based on what I read I think you captured main parts of the book and overall it is really well done.

  3. I felt like your critique paragraph really stood out because you described the character, shared your opinion of the book and shared the feelings you experienced when reading this book. Your other book reviews and litspiration challenge were great. A suggestion would be to add some more blog entries like your favourite books or some inspiring quotes etc. Great job!

  4. I was just browsing blogs and I saw your title...HAD to check out your blog. Love the title and might I say...your book reviews are great! First book review I've seen that used words like "dynamic or foil." Awesome job. :P