Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pendragon Book #2 The Lost City of Faar

The Lost City Of Faar

Bobby Pendragon is at it again but with a little help of his Uncle (Uncle Press), and a boy named Spader.  His arch/nemesis Saint Dane is trying to cause some big trouble in Cloral so Bobby must stop him.  While his two best friends stay on earth and read his journals about how it is in Cloral, Bobby tries to standstill Saint Danes plans.  Cloral is a land where everything is coated with water.  In order for Cloral to be in existence, Bobby would have to locate the Lost City of Faar.

This is the second book from the Pendragon Series by D.J. Machale.  Bobby is a dynamic character who is adventurous and is acting his role as a traveller.  Spader is a foil character who is an active boy and lived in Cloral his whole life.  Uncle Press is a very levelheaded character that can stay calm during a crisis.  Saint Dane is the tricky Antagonist in the story. I liked how D.J. Machale created very unique characters that still know how to work together.  This book is very fast pace and has non-stop action.  That is why I think most kids my age and maybe even older will love these books.  The Lost City of Faar reminds me of National Treasure, the reason is because in this book Bobby, Spader and Uncle Press are trying to find the Lost City of Faar.  In National Treasure, they are trying to find where the hidden treasure is.  National Treasure and The Lost City of Faar both involves finding clues and going on risky adventures.  There is a lot of conflict in this book too.  Bobby, Spader and Uncle Press run into a lot of conflicts that they need to solve.  In conclusion this book is a thrilling, suspenseful, and exciting book.  I would recommend The Lost City of F to every gender 13

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    Sweet book review! Your vocabulary and the use of the terms we learned is awesome. Asides from that great book review, sounds like an awesome series.