Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pendragon: Merchant of Death Book Review

Pendragon Merchant of Death.

Have you ever wondered if there is another dimension somewhere? What types of life, buildings, culture and society would exist there?  What would it be like living there?  How many people or creatures would you find there?  What types of resources are there?  Well, a 14-year-old boy named Bobby Pendragon finds out that there a lot more life beyond Earth then he thought there was. He was pushed into another dimension, and his mission was to save the world.  In order to see his family again, he will need to take on the role of a savior and a traveller.  But little does Bobby know that this is just the start of his adventure.  Bobby is sent to the dimension, Denduron to help save the Milago tribe and the entire dimension from total destruction, with the help of his fellow travellers, Alder, Osa, and Loor.  On Earth, he has two friends named Mark and Courtney.  Mark is one of the geeks in school and Courtney is one of the popular girls.  They are Bobby's best friends and they assist him in his burdensome journey.

I absolutely loved this book!  It was full of mystery, action, adventure and some magic.  This book keeps you hooked and makes you wonder, "what is going to happen next?"  D. J. Machale, the author of the book, obviously knows how to keep a reader interested.  This ten book series is a fantasy genre but still has of action.  I found this book relatable because the kids in the book are roughly my age.  Bobby Pendragon plays basketball and so do I. Mark cares about his grades just like I do, and Courtney likes winning at sports, just like me.  Since this book was very relatable I could not stop reading.  Even though I liked many of the characters, my favorite was Bobby Pendragon.  I loved how brave and determined he was.  He reminds me of Harry Potter, because of his courage and concern for others.  This book is a magnificent thrilling adventure like Harry Potter, and since I am a big fan of Harry Potter, I thought this book was tremendous.  D. J. Machale found a way to mix four great genres in one book, which is why I loved it. The ending of the book is full of suspense.  I could not put it down.  I would recommend this book to everybody, especially fantasy, action and adventure lovers.  I would give this book a 9 ¾ rating out of 10.


  1. I see your love of basketball in the background, and I think your title is really strong! I look forward to future posts!

  2. I like this review, especially since you use a casual word choice. It isn't hard to understand your review, and therefore I think I may choose this book for my review of review.

  3. The reading man! I love that! Great job on the whole entire blog, I love the theme and the background picture with the basketball hoop. I know how much you like basketball. Nice Review on the Merchant of Death. Great Job!

  4. Your review is worded greatly and it is very interesting. I liked how you used lots of questions to add to the effect of your writing. I love your background, It really represents you! :)